Service Design with VR-HMD

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Period: 2017 ~ 2018
Grant: Hyundai Motor Company
Budget: $35,000
Partner: Infotainment Software Development Team




Feature fatigue is one of the critical problems during new service design which results in end-users significant dis-satisfaction about new products. Though automotive industry has been focused on a new connected-car service design, there are also risk about end-user feature fatigue about new services. In this project, we aim to develop a new service design process using VR-HMD (Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display), which would optimize a company’s feature selection process for a new product development.




  • Developing a new feature selection process for the connected-car service design
  • Probed a feature selection process in company to understand the problem of feature fatigue
  • Built a virtual reality prototyping platform with HMD (Head-Mounted Display)
  • Tools: Feature fatigue analysis, clustering, virtual reality prototypes in usability testing









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