VR Pendulum

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Period: July ~ Sep. 2013
Grant: Korean NRF
Budget: $100,000
Partner: Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France)




As Virtual Reality (VR) systems are increasingly employed in training and teaching environments, some researchers raise the question about the relationship between the VR environment and its learning effect. However, the findings are still not exhaustive, in comparison to the vast potentiality of VR. Acknowledging this, the current project aims at examining the facilitative effect of embodied cognition for the design of VR system, in particular, in a museum experience. An empirical study has been carried out with the Virtual Foucault’s Pendulum at the Musee des Arts et Métiers.




  • Conducted field studies to collect data about museum visitors, their interests and experiences
  • Organized a brainstorming session
  • Prototyped virtual reality museum exhibits
  • Tools: Field study, brainstorming, rapid prototyping







  • The Effects of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality on the Learning and Engagement in a Museum (submitting)



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