RehabMaster™: Serious game design for elderly rehabilitation

Period: 2011 ~ 2012
Grant: Korean Research Foundation
Budget: $100,000
Partner: Hanyang Medical Center (Rehab Medicine)



Autonomy, a state of being independent or self-governing, is critical to harness patient empowerment to in-home therapy program, after being discharged from the hospital. How we support patient autonomy in an unsupervised home-based rehabilitation program is arguably present in every healthcare system design decision and yet many questions surrounding autonomy-based design in healthcare systems and devices remain unanswered. In this context, the aim of this project is to design the home-based rehabilitation platform for post-stroke patients, RehabMaster™, in particular for what kinds of autonomy supports should be of value for the in-home rehabilitation.




  • Applied user research methods to understand how the rehabilitation process works out
  • Proposed interaction design factors for supporting patient autonomy
  • Conducted case studies on post-stroke patients to verify the effect of a new system
  • Tools: Focus group interview, on-site observations, contextual-inquiry, design of experiments














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