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Period: 2011 ~ 2012
Grant: Korean NRF
Budget: $100,000
Partner: Hanyang Medical Center



Autonomy, a state of being independent or self-governing, is critical to harness patient empowerment to in-home therapy program, after being discharged from the hospital. How we support patient autonomy in an unsupervised home-based rehabilitation program is arguably present in every healthcare system design decision and yet many questions surrounding autonomy-based design in healthcare systems and devices remain unanswered. In this context, the aim of this project is to design the home-based rehabilitation platform for post-stroke patients, RehabMaster™, in particular for what kinds of autonomy supports should be of value for the in-home rehabilitation.




  • Applied user research methods to understand how the rehabilitation process works out
  • Proposed interaction design factors for supporting patient autonomy
  • Conducted case studies on post-stroke patients to verify the effect of a new system
  • Tools: Focus group interview, on-site observations, contextual-inquiry, design of experiments














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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a PhD student at KU Leuven university doing research in the domain of neurorehabilitation.
    I am writing a systematic review on the use of virtual reality technology in post-stroke rehabilitation.
    Within this review I want to illustrate different types of VR technologies.

    I understand that you are the copyright holder of the following picture:

    I would like to include this picture in a review paper that I plan to submit to a peer-reviewed journal that will publish this paper in print and online and that will own copyright of the figures in this specific paper.

    If you agree to provide us permission to use the picture, please sign this permission letter and return a copy to us by email (a scanned version is fine) or regular mail.
    We appreciate your consideration of our permissions request.

    PhD student Hanne Huygelier
    Department for Brain and Cognition, KU Leuven

    By signing below, I warrant that I have the right to grant the permission requested in this letter, and that I provide you with that permission.




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